Empowering Vulnerability

Empowering Vulnerability (The Divine Diva’s Birthplace of Creativity)

I have been interested a lot lately in the topic of vulnerability.   Perhaps it because I am taking a bold step and expanding my coaching business, making decisions, being more transparent, being bold. And in a world in which I was supposed to be nice and was complimented on being quiet, being bold and authentic and transparent is being very vulnerable.

Also, I am becoming acutely aware that many women I work with struggle with vulnerability. It is at the core of all defenses.  In order to not feel vulnerable, I see women avoiding sadness, anger or rage, shame, fear, or disconnection. They avoid being successful, being big, being bold and loud and taking up space. However, when you chose to not feel the “negative” emotions, you also stifle the “positive” emotions. That is just how it works.

Vulnerability is defined as: ‘susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm.’  And I thought, “Wow!” No wonder we don’t want to feel vulnerable! However, there is another way to view being vulnerable. It is the birthplace of our inner Divine Diva.  (Yay!!)


Vulnerability allows us to have an open heart and be susceptible to love, joy, creativity, and feelings of connection and belonging. Vulnerability is a very beautiful, sweet thing to be in the presence of. I see it when someone softens a little bit more into their grief, or when someone gently reaches out for connection in a new sort of trust, or when someone makes a decision to claim a new, more powerful story for themselves and have the courage to start living it.  I witnessed it when I was present at a birth; vulnerability and courage in one moment.

Vulnerability is beautiful. It is scary. It is messy. It is necessary for connection.  It is courageous.  It is a part of your Divine Diva, so let it shine out.


And it has absolutely everything to do with prosperity for women. Because prosperity it not just about acquiring. It is also about softening into receiving and allowing in the good.

I invite you to allow yourself to soften into vulnerability in one way, even a small way, today. Allow in the good. Allow in prosperity.

In my upcoming teleseminar that begins in June, 5 KEYS to Manifesting Prosperity in Mind, Body, Spirit, and Money, we will be discussing how to be empoweringly vulnerable in ways that will create more prosperity in your mind, body, spirit, and finances.


For more information, email me at: c.mcdowell@yahoo.com

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YOUR Voluptuous Vision (3 Keys To Step Into It Now)

Hello Everyone!

I am on the plane flying back from Tucson where I met with my wonderful coach for a day of visioning and clarity.  The spiritual energy of Tucson and wonderful haven my friends provided was just what I needed to embody my bold vision and come home to the iridescent life I am creating.

During the trip, I lost my sunglasses and reading glasses. Seems I needed to let go of my old vision to claim a new vision.

Do you have a vision that you want to claim?

There are 3 keys to doing this:

1.     Spend time envisioning what you want. When I was really sick, I reclaimed my health by spending time each and every day, imagining myself hiking in the mountains and traveling to warm places. This weekend, I did both of those.

2.     Take action. Things don’t happen by playing life on the sidelines. You have to make decisions and even risk being wrong of making a mistake if you want your vision to manifest.

3.     Allow in the good. Life has both energies – giving and receiving. Each day, practice taking in the good. Take in life energy, take in the chi from nature, take in love.  When you fill up, it changes your energy and clarifies your vision.

Claim your voluptuous, juicy vision. Step forth in all of your iridescent beauty.

I am excited and honored to be stepping out boldly in my new business, Prosperity for Women, where I help women create prosperity and a bold, passionate life. Stay tuned for upcoming events, including a video and an announcement of my teleseminar which provides cutting edge tools to activate your prosperity consciousness.

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